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madlopt 19.05.2009 21:41

Right now the WorldRacing.Info sim racing league doesn't organize any regular races.

Welcome to WorldRacing.Info!

If you want to race with us and you have questions - just post below.

We have always different racing series and we usually race 1-2 days per week.

All our racing series are free for participation - no payment, and no restrictions!

Currently running championships are listed here

Games: NASCAR Racing 2003 Season and rFactor.
Passwords: All rFactor servers are password protected. You can get password if you are registered user.
NR2003S servers don't have any passwords.
Start time: All races start on 21:00 Moscow time (CET+2 in summer and CET+3 in winter). You can always check current Moscow time here

Часовой пояс GMT +4, время: 11:55.

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