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Сообщение: cheap sunglasses Let me shocking topic
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my husband was watching at the moment, therefore, both should be very careful about every move, it will increase the difficulties of our escape, although the success suddenly wanted to leave But I fear we open the door, down the stairs, out the door when anyone notes that case, it is possible that we have not been recovered out of a few steps.
expected if the situation does arise,Name Chinese-American, , aunt and uncle's vigilance will be higher, we may be more blatant surveillance, is more difficult to escape. in the end shall we do? thought here, I feel very anxious, get up out of the toilet. When I opened the door to prepare out, the uncle standing at the door pear, to see me out, embarrassed nod, I startled a bit, and then pretend nothing as quickly nodded and went to the bathroom,cheap sunglasses, so I came back from the bathroom, his uncle had been not seen. It made me more confident: he always in the supervision of us, afraid that I called for help.
think of these, I am more aware of: to be out of here as soon as possible, otherwise stay here was the longer, more aware of their secrets more, we have the harder it out.
again lay down to bed, I started looking for a family of university students in Kunming mm out of contact. has not been in touch for several years, and did not know whether to find him, but still as soon as possible and the next relationship to several other students made a good message, sent a total of three people, one unable to pronounce to the other two messages were sent to half an hour did not reply, I think they might be for mobile phone No. I was not told, it seems it can not find people who can help, and wanted to leave to rely on herself.
soon, give me back the next message: Alarm call is 110, / 08743319232, I have a friend working in Kunming City, I have to tell him your situation, if you tomorrow to Kunming, you can contact him, he would handle everything. you every day 7, 14 points, 21 points send me a message, each made a college classmate's name If more than seven hours have not received your message,Zhang Mingkai found in law , I call the police.
in bed send a message, unwittingly two hours later, my neck and arms are sore, I found it can take place inside, to help our people, secretly relieved. afraid of lying aunt and red for too long been suspected, then, to clear back message said: do not talk, and before that a deal, something I'll give you text messages, for the time being safe.
time, phone just rang my husband, is a customer call my husband, I took the opportunity to open the door to go out to the living room, the mobile to her husband is playing cards.
previous contact with a real one example, is the husband of the students,cheap air jordans, he In Guangxi deceived into a marketing organization, has since then been kept in a room, everything was confiscated, completely cut off contact with the outside world, sneaking a few have been arrested in the station back,Markdowns bags , the last time he directly take the lease to a small town near the interchange, and then directly from there by car to Shenzhen to find my husband to be considered out of danger. So, there are close to real examples as a reference, I feel as on edge, always maintain a high level of vigilance , does not give any later The little boy drink drinks, and I take his cards, and later the girl also drink beverages, uncle woke up, we came to replace her. husband's phone rang again, uncle smiled and asked: \The ah? \and her husband door, uncles and aunts door. As has been pondered on how to leave, so the total error cards. there is a brand aunt first out of two hearts, entrainment, 10 minutes, my husband is also out of two hearts, entrainment, 10 minutes , uncle is two hearts, no points, I would have had broken hearts, you can banning federal funding for 20 points, but distracted, I pad the two plum. my husband said: \This low-level errors. \I do not have hearts, so easily on a cushion, I really was too stupid. \slept two hours also felt trapped, I especially love to sleep, how the day is also enough to 8,9 hours of sleep 才行. \said: \; I thought it good, to save open the door at night when you heard. but his uncle said: \sticky, as if not done, I really could not eat, rest secretly put in the socks, after dinner secretly placed in the bedroom of the box and there are useful.
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