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Сообщение: INL Travel Series
Раздел: Off Season 2009
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Автор сообщения: yuanfenya
Содержимое сообщения:
Poetry is the language of emotion and as such it is often dense and difficult to read. The exception to this is the love poem. Love is the one emotion that although it causes conflicts and confusion when not returned, and aion gold sometimes a form of madness not unlike obsessive compulsive disorder - when it is returned - it is the simplest emotion to understand.Valentine's day often has people looking for poetry. People who at any other time would say they never read it. It is because we feel so profoundly when we love that need a poet to find the words to express it for us. Robbie Warhammer Power Leveling Burns "Red red rose" speaks of a long lasting love, "Let me Count the ways" by Elizabeth Barrett Browning showed her lover how deeply she felt.Bee Rawlings "Saga Love" is a age of conan gold brilliant self depreciating poem about older lovers, taking back from the young their oft thought exclusive right to love deeply. Funny to read but showing deep affection for her mate, it celebrates a loving relationship warts and all.I have written many love poems over AOC Gold the years but this one remains my favourite. It describes the way that love so often takes us by surprise....NEVER THOUGHT IT WOULD BE YOU…It is you,you who I loveMS mesoswith a heart straining to pleaseunsure of myself, caring too muchto pretend it doesn’t matter andhelpless as an infant in my need.
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